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We are right in the middle of your daily kitchen routine

Right in the middle of your kitchen

The brand for your kitchen helpers since 1935. Broths, soups, sauces, juices, spices, seasoning mixes, roux and much more.

Inspire your passion

Innovative mise en place products for professionals. Full flavour, chilled. Garlic, herbs, pesto, glazes, alioli and much more.

The italian love for taste

Authentic ingredients for your kitchen. Antipasti, tomato products, pasta, tuna and much more.

Sweet joy, baking with love every day

Bring back baking and sweet cuisine - honest and simple. Puddings, mousses, creams, porridges, buns, gingerbread and other sweet baking.

Beverages for the drinking regime

Refreshing and warm drinks for every day. Teas, concentrates, syrups and more.